Apartment "Homeisland" is located in the very center of the Havana city, half a block away from the Plaza Vieja and the Plaza de San Francisco, the Cathedral, the Capitol, Restaurants, Bars. The apartment has a room with a separate bathroom, a terrace and a safety deposit box. The accommodation is air-conditioned and have a mini bar.

Accomodation for one person per night: 25€
Accomodation for two person per night: 30€
Breakfast service per person: 5€

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Top 5 sightseeing locations to see in Havana that will not leave you indifferent

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The Morro Castle

One of the top sightseeing spots that should be on top of your list is the famous Morro Castle. Regarded as the iconic symbol of Havana’s sea history, it offers a spectacular view worth remembering. Dating back to more than 2 centuries ago, the architecture and design of this structure will leave your mouth wide open.

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El Capitolio

The El Capitolio is also one of the most significant landmarks of the city of Havana. Although it’s now home to the Cuban Academy of Sciences, this famous attraction used to be the seat of government until after the Cuban Revolution. Resembling the Washing DC capitol building.

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Old Havana

Old Havana has retained its ancient nature, touch and feel up to date.

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The Museum of the Revolution

The Museum of the Revolution is located in Havana and is dedicated to the Cuban Revolution.

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A residential property where artist Jose Fuster has lived since 1975 is transformed and comes to life as a mosaic wonderland and studio.


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Our accommodation is located in the very center of Havana

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